Amazing gaucho gear . . .

There is nothing a gaucho loves more than a festival. This is the chance for them to dress in their best outfits, show off their latest steed and display their latest homemade creations in terms of metal and leatherwork, forming belts, bridles, saddles and much more.

This year at the festival of the Candelaria was no exception. This wonderful local event is held in a neighbouring estancia, and celebrates the Virgin Mary. Over a 100 riders take part in the procession round the stations of the cross following a mass in the local church. Aside from the immaculately turned out gauchos, the horses were also sporting wonderful attire, homemade, but made with so much care and attention to detail.

Hearts and stars feature heavily, along with beautiful ‘crudo’ or rawhide leather. We highly recommend trying to get to one of the gaucho festivals when you visit Argentina!