The quality of horses at Estancia Los Potreros is of international acclaim.


Sure-footed and tough criollos. Energetic and smooth gaited Peruvian Paso horses. Strong and even-tempered quarter horses. Agile and fast polo ponies. The herd of over 130 horses provides something for everyone, and for riders of all abilities. They are soft-mouthed, forward going and with wonderful temperaments, typical of working horses who lead varied lives and are free to roam on the hills in their downtime. Many are home-bred and raised by us and one of the joys of riding here is discovering a new ‘favourite’ horse on every ride. For us, horses are our passion, and each and every one is considered part of the family. 


"We have had our fair share of riding holidays and these are without doubt the best horses we have ever ridden."

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Horse from Estancia Los Potreros

The estancia is one of the few places in the world where guests can ride the extraordinary Peruvian Paso horse, or the ‘dancing horse’ of Peru.

These special horses came to Argentina via the trading route between Lima and Salta, and the first ‘pasos’ were brought to the farm by Kevin’s father, Robert Begg, who bought 4 founding mares and a stallion some 30 years ago. Pasos now account for around half of our herd, and careful breeding and cross-breeding has produced a gaited horse that's tough, forward-going and extremely comfortable to ride.

The current award-winning stallion at the estancia, Andariego Corregidor (affectionately known as Supermario), is always keen to show off in front of a crowd.

"I never rode the same horse twice and particularly enjoyed the Peruvian Paso horses with their unique gait, which is a very comfortable pace between a walk and a trot."