The cattle and riding trails make for some truly wonderful walks.



You can either join a guided walk with a staff member, or head out on your own - our estancia dogs will be happy to join you! Wildflowers throughout the year are spectacular, and you shouldn't be surprised at crushing wild mints and herbs underfoot, releasing the most incredible fragrances. Ranging from an hour’s wander to full day hikes incorporating swimming holes, there's a walk around the estancia for everyone.


"It goes without saying that the scenery was breath-taking - a swim at the base of a waterfall on a hot day being one of the highlights."

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"The farm is full of animals - more friendly dogs than you can shake a stick at, cattle, birds including humming birds and little owls, frogs, sheep and lots more besides."

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Do you know your Andean Condor from your Black Chested Buzzard Eagle? You might well, after your visit with us. The estancia is blessed with plentiful and varied birdlife all year; we also get American Kestrels, Peregrine Falcons and Black Vultures paying us a visit. The wonderful ‘burrowing owl' is a regular sight, eyeing passing visitors from fence posts, while other smaller birds include herons, hummingbirds, nightjars, plovers and mocking-birds. We have binoculars and bird books for you to borrow at the estancia.