First signs of spring

Although in August we are officially still in winter, there is no doubt that spring is showing signs of being round the corner. In the last week blossom has started to appear and some of the trees are starting to leaf, although the estancia won’t really start to green up until the first rains arrive.

Winter on the estancia is almost completely dry, with lovely sunny and mild days and cooler nights but being farmers we love our rain, as it means plenty of grass for the animals. Winter months are poor for grazing, so we always wait expectantly for the first rains of the season when the hills really spring to life. On a good year it will rain by the end of August, on a bad year it may not be until December.

In the meantime we are enjoying the arrival of the first calves and also some piglets. Foaling time soon too, with the first due in September. Bring on the spring!