Winter Birdlife

Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

Whilst a few of our more exotic birds such as the hummingbird and the fork-tailed flycatcher head out for the winter, the majority of our plentiful bird life stay with us here in the Sierras Chicas. Arguably as there is less foliage and greenery around they are easier to spot, and so it is an ideal time to visit if you are keen on birdwatching or bird photography.

Amongst the birds that stay with us all year round are the magnificent Andean Condor and the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle. The handsome Crested Caracara is a common sight on rides or walks, and the bright and noisy Monk Parakeet is constantly chattering in the trees in front of the verandah. Whistling herons, Mockingbirds and Shiny Cowbirds can also be easily seen whilst sat with a gin and tonic over lunch, while a venture out into the hills will reward the visitor with the gorgeous Burrowing Owl, the little White Monjita or the noisy Southern Lapwing.

Anybody who has tried to take photographs of birds or wildlife knows that a large amount of luck comes into it – being in the right place at the right time, and of course having your camera ready!