Get off the grid!

Off-the-grid vacations are becoming forever more in fashion, as technology and the constant demand to be in touch 24 hours a day take over. Hero & Leander have released a lovely article on their top 20 unbelievable off-the-grid getaways, from bike riding in Madagascar to glamping at the Great Barrier Reef, and of course riding with the gauchos here with us!

If you have never been ‘off-the-grid’ before and are wondering what to expect, by the time you have travelled the 4km of our dirt entrance road you will probably be starting to get an idea. The first sight you will get of the main estancia buildings will be our windmills, which along with solar panels provide the majority of the estancias electricity.

You will quickly realise that it is a waste of time wandering round with your mobile looking for a signal as there isn’t any! Rather, settle back into a chair on the verandah and wait for your first glass of Malbec to arrive.

For those of you that feel you have to keep in contact with the outside world (whilst hopefully immersing yourselves in ours) we do have satellite wifi in the main building, which is not fast but is adequate. It does not reach the bedrooms, but the rooms are filled with books making sure that if you have energy left at the end of the day there is something to fill your time.

However we make no secret of the fact that we prefer riding the hills to surfing the web, tales to Twitter, friendships to Facebook, so we hope you will join us and take a step out of your hectic daily life, to take a moment and live truly ‘off-the-grid´.