Welcome to our family home.

Your estancia stay is hosted by us - myself (Louisa) and my husband, Kevin Begg. We're always thrilled to invite guests into our much-loved family farm, where being a part of day-to-day life is encouraged.

Kevin delights in regaling our visitors with tales of his family and life in Argentina over a glass of Malbec, while I am always ready to chat, surrounded by our other family members - the horses and the dogs!

Louisa Begg, owner of Estancia Los Potreros

“The estancia is a magical place. Surrounded by so many animals we are very connected to nature here. I first came here as a guest myself, on a riding holiday over ten years ago, and needless to say I never went home. Many of our guests find it difficult to leave as well.”

- Louisa Begg

Kevin Begg, Owner of Estancia Los Potreros Argentina

“It's a real privilege to share the place that I have known and loved all my life with our visitors. My grandmother, Louie, was a pioneer of rural tourism in Argentina from this very estancia back in the 1940’s, and so I am proud to continue the family tradition and follow in her footsteps.”

- Kevin Begg

"All the staff were friendly and helpful but none more so than the owners/hosts. They made us so welcome, eating and riding with us, sharing their love for the country and sharing their dogs!"