Riding holiday volunteer

Sounds like the perfect escape doesn’t it? Travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, all from the back of a horse and not costing much along the way.

There are many riding holiday destinations around the world that offer volunteer/working programmes in different shapes and forms. Here at Los Potreros we have been taking volunteers almost since we started some 18 years ago, with over 60 volunteers through the years spending time with us on the adventure of a lifetime.

It’s not all glamour though! Our volunteers work hard – really hard! They are an essential part of our team and we entrust the safety and welfare of our horses and guests to them. They also need a broad range of skills – from treating a horse injury, to mixing a gin and tonic to poaching an egg. Our volunteers are involved in every part of the guest experience, and so aside from being brilliant horse people, they need to love being around and engaging with other people.

Our volunteers also need to be resilient. We all have long days at work, but when you live in a rural environment and can’t go back to your home and stick the television on, or pop out for a drink, or pick up the phone to your friends those days can sometimes seem longer.

end of the day.jpg

So why do people volunteer with us? We hope they join us for an experience like no other. To immerse themselves in the life and culture of another country. To meet locals and pick up another language. To experience our amazing horses. To be part of a small and hardworking team in a thriving and successful business. To meet people from all over the world and help give them the holiday of their dreams. To make friends and memories that will last them a lifetime. To give them a life experience that will stand them in good stead whatever they go on to do.

For some of our volunteers a stay with us here is an interesting diversion on their passage through life. For some it is a life-changing experience. For some, they come to feel as though Los Potreros is their second home. What will it be for you?