As a working estancia, there's always something different happening.


Our guests are invited to join in the rhythm of each day as they wish, and to explore estancia life. We have lots of different ways to get involved.

"This is a wonderful place for a few days or a week to explore the traditions of the land and the history or Argentina."

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Estancia Los Potreros

Farm Drives

A fantastic way to spend a morning is to take a trip around the estancia by pick-up with one of us, your hosts. Learn about the family history of the estancia and see some of the many references to Jesuit farming in the area. It's likely you'll see some interesting wildlife along the way, and for added fun we usually have a story or two to tell as we go!

Gaucho skills

The gauchos, being the iconic horsemen of Argentina, truly encapsulate the history and tradition of the country. Immerse yourself in their world for a moment and try your hand at one of their greatest skills – lassoing. Learn how the lasso is made, what it is used for and if you're game, have a go yourself.

Learning Gaucho Skills at Los Potreros

Peruvian Paso Horse Display

Horse demonstrations

The Begg family have long been fans of the ‘Peruvian Paso’ horse and we're sure you will be, too, by the time you leave. Learn about this unique breed; their history, the traditional saddles and bridles used, watch our stallion be put through his paces and you'll soon see why they are different to ‘normal’ horses.